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About Us

Hazardous Material Compliance. (HMC) was founded in 1986 to assist our customers in meeting the ever changing requirements of the transportation industry. With over 32 years of industry experience, our staff is committed to provide our customers with the highest quality of customer service. Whether you are a shipper, an airline, freight forwarder or handling agent shipping by air, ocean, or ground HMC. will help you meet any transportation requirements you may be faced with.

As a distributor of compliance supplies, we have an extensive product line to meet all of your compliance needs. These include but not limited to, packing supplies, placards, labels and publications.

On behalf of the shipper, we will prepare documentation, pack, mark and label, hazardous material/dangerous goods shipments. We also provide technical assistance in the preparation of shipment in order to comply with all federal and international regulations.

As part of our continued effort to better serve our customers, we offer hazardous material/dangerous good training covering air, ocean and ground transport. Customized training is also available upon request.

HMC will continue on its quest towards providing the highest quality of customer service while meeting all of your regulatory objectives in the most efficient, economical and practicable manner possible.

Being able to keep our customers satisfied with the services we provide is essential to our success. Our mission is to serve the community and to provide a home for the people who work at HMC. We are big enough to give customers what they want, and we're small enough to do it the way they want it done.

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