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Federal and International training requirements, reference CFR 49, ICAO/IATA, IMDG, state "Initial and recurrent dangerous goods training programs must be established and maintained by, or on behalf of regular shippers, shippers' agents, agencies which perform on behalf of the operator the act of receiving, loading, unloading, transferring or other processing of cargo." Further, "It is the duty of each person who offers hazardous material for transportation to instruct each of his officers, agents and employees having any responsibility for preparing hazardous materials for shipment as to applicable regulations."

We provide hazardous materials / dangerous goods training on a variety of topics, including shipping by air, ocean and ground regulations. We can customize any specific type of training such as but not limited to biological substances, dry ice, lithium batteries, consumer commodities and more.

Choose live dynamic in-person training, instructor-led webinars, or interactive online training. Training materials are also available, including guidebooks, training kits, training certificates, wallet cards and more.

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